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Stephens Plumbing not only service residential but commercial customers also. These include schools, rest homes, real estate agents and other businesses that value our expert and quality services. Stephens Plumbing provide plumbing repairs to all light commercial premises, from roof repairs, blocked toilets to leaking taps.

Backflow Prevention Testing and Service
In addition to everyday plumbing repairs, Stephens Plumbing provide Backflow Prevention Testing. Backflow is the accidental reversal of flow of water, or when water becomes mixed with contaminants, into the drinking water supply. If this happens, it could create a health risk.

Backflow prevention is about keeping the drinking water supply safe. It is particularly relevant to commercial or industrial activities where chemicals and toxins in everyday use present a high health hazard. Many buildings today require backflow preventers on the water mains and as a Council requirement, all commercial and industrial backflows must be tested annually. It is important to note that backflow prevention within a building is the responsibility of the building owner, so if in doubt about any aspect of the installation, maintenance or testing requirements we are happy to assist.

Stephens Plumbing are Independent Qualified Professional (IQP) Certified in Backflow Servicing and Testing. We are trained to test the backflow system and a provide a full report on completion. If there are any problems or repairs required, we are also certified to make repairs. For further information, go to Metro Water.

Preventive Maintenance Program & Contracts
Stephens Plumbing provide scheduled maintenance programs for commercial properties and are available and recommended for drains, sewer lines, backflow prevention certification, thermostatic mixing valves and all your plumbing needs. We also undertake water saving assessments, plumbing condition reports and consultancy.

To discuss how Stephens Plumbing can assist you with your plumbing requirements for your commercial property simply Contact us online or call on (09) 5274 227, (022)3587451.
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