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Stephens Plumbing Ltd are specialists in fixing your common plumbing problems:

Leaking Taps
Repair/ supply and fit new taps. With over 100 taps on the market, identification is the key to repairing taps.

Waste and Water Pipes
Repair leaking water pipes. Replace water fittings to avoid wasting water and helps the owner save money. Repairs to damaged and leaking waste pipes which prevents water damage in the home environment.

Locating Leaking Water Mains
Do you have a high water account? Stephens Plumbing Ltd offer a Leak Detection Service. We will locate both visible and invisible water leaks.

Water Filters
Would you like fresh tasting drinking water? Stephens Plumbing Ltd supply and install individual water filters for your kitchen benchtop and or ice-making refrigerators. We can even replace, supply and install expired water filters.

Waste Disposal Unit
Supply and fit new kitchen waste disposal units. Also can block off if you don't need the waste disposal unit anymore.

Pipework and installations, replacement of hoses.

Toilet Pans and Cisterns
Unblock, repair leaks, replace toilets, fix overflowing water or leaking cisterns. With a vast range of local and imported toilet pans and cisterns currently on the market, we have serviced most brands available with success.

Repairs to shower taps, mixers and shower rose fittings, checking shower water pressures and temperatures, supply and install anti-scolding devices to prevent children and elderly being hurt and burnt, supply and install new shower cubicles, replace existing old shower taps and mixers with new modern shower fittings, without having to replace all shower linings.

Stephens Plumbing can fix any of your plumbing problems from those above to many more. We also offer a Leak Detection service, where a qualified serviceman can pinpoint the location of the water leak with special equipment. Saves you time and money and gets the job fixed faster.

Have your plumbing problem solved with just one email or phone call. Contact us online or call us today on (09) 5274 227, (022)3587451.
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