Hot Water Cylinders

Stephens Plumbing are specialists in hot water repairs and new installations

Hot Water Repairs

Repairs to your hot water system, improve insufficient water pressure.

New Water Heaters / Installations

Upgrade your existing hot water system, supply and install new hot water cylinders, relocate your hot water cylinder.

Stephens Plumbing can assist with fixing your hot water system problems including overflowing hot water, blown elements and faulty thermostats. We can also investigate water leaks occurring around your hot water cylinders. Stephens Plumbing service all brands of valves on both low and mains pressure hot water cylinders.

Don't put up with insufficient water pressure in your shower. Stephens Plumbing can upgrade your current system to a mains hot water pressure and adjust to suit your household requirements.

Have your hot water problems solved with just one email or phone call. Contact us online or call us today on (09) 5274 227, (022)3587451.